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Social Waste Collection Co. Fined $304,200 For Safety Violations

Heberle Disposal Services Inc, a N.Y solid waste collection company faced violations worth $304,200 in fines from OSHA, for falling to correct the hazards during the inspections for new safety hazards at Alvanar Road.

OSHA Cited the company for 12 serious violations. A new follow up inspection found that five of 12 cited hazards remain uncorrected, with improper transfer of flammable liquids which would ensure that employees are competent enough to operate industrial trucks, with training employees about the hazardous chemicals in the workplace with determination of employee’s medical fitness to go for a respirator.

This company has been cited with 3 repeat violations amounting $8400 in fines with new hazardous conditions similar to those cited in 2008, with an unguarded disc grinder, with improperly adjusted work rest on a bench grinder with ungrounded power cord.

The 2 serious citations with around $6,000 in fines would have been issued with $1,800 for posting in OSHA citations along with the previous citations.
This company has 15 business days from the citations with proposed penalties before OSHA Commission.