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USG Corporation Plant Awarded Osha Vpp Star

USG plant in Southland Okla, earned the prestigious VPP Star Status award for outstanding performance in safety processes. The officials from U.S Department of Labor will present an award with a special flag during the ceremony at the plant.

The Southard plant manufactures brand gypsum panels with around 250 gypsum plaster products. This plant was started in 1905 and began manufacturing in such panels in 1922 making Southard plant the most operated line.

The Star Status which is awarded by OSHA is the highest award any employee, management would work together to implement safety and health programs making them protect the employees. The USG Corporation Plant received this award due to its dedication to safety of employees and management.

The VPP Award requires high level of commitment from the employees and support from the company. To qualify for VPP Star Consideration, the Southard employees focus on hazard recognition, improving housekeeping, engineering controls, training and safe procedures during a period of several years. The employees would achieve a high level of performance which is warranted by applying for star status.

Due to such a great work for employee safety and health, the plant recently celebrated 6 million safe work hours without the lost time injury. This plant has completed more than 33 years without a lost time injury. Along with this the plant has achieved safety rating of the company for 12 consecutive years.

The Southard plant reclaims quarry land and restores to the natural landscape and wetland habitat. This plant has also assisted in Okalama Nature Conservancy protecting the habitat of endangered species.