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Osha Fines Metro Poultry Facility

OSHA fined Brigham Farms around $69,500 for alleged safety violations at Ball Ground which is a poultry additive facility. This violations came from a previous inspection in August which revealed that the workers were exposed to propionic acid and formaldehyde which were not being provided as an eye wash and shower area and the employer had been implemented a hazard communication plan on using chemicals like propionic acid.

The citations include 11 violations with a proposed penalty of $26,400 which include the failure to conduct an initial process hazard analysis for production of substance which contains formaldehyde.

This employer did not have training program using formaldehyde which failed to develop a program or provide chemical clothing which failed to have action plan with emergency procedures blocked routes a change room and exposed employees all of which would require a medical surveillance program.

There are also violations with a proposed penalty of around $21,200 each of which resulted in an employee suffering from an amputation for unguarded machine. There are other violations all of which include unguarded floor hole, no stair , broken stairs, etc which all are means through which employees get exposed to shock from electric panels, with no written procedures for formaldehyde, engineering controls which are all implemented using overexposure to dust and employees with two and half times the permissible limits.