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Osha Fines Splash Handwash $62,500 For Safety Violations

Osha fined Splash Hand wash a Connecticut based company in Fairfield $62,500 for an injury of an employee at the carwash. OSHA proposed fines for alleged repeat violations by the company. A Splash employee suffered various foot and ankle injuries after he got caught in a conveyer tank.

One cannot imagine having carwash as a dangerous place but hazards can be associated anywhere if safety measures do not get implement. On investigating OSHA identified various chemical, mechanical, electrical hazards associated with the equipment being used in the carwash.

As a result OSHA cited 11 serious violations to Splash Hand wash. The violations include unguarded conveyeor opening with uncovered electrical outlets in wet areas, misused usage of extension cords, grounded terminals being energized, a locked exit which is generally used for emergency, unmarked exist doors, tripping hazards from uneven concrete and hoses lying in work areas, unguarded bells & pulleys, untested safety valves on air compressors, lack of emergency eye wash for employees all of which lead to serious safety violations.
The last 3 violations are repeat violations for lack of eye safety & personal protective measures of employees making OSHA fine upto $30,000 to the company. Other 5 serious violations have been cited which totaled to around $3,000 in fines for uncertified illness logo’s.

The Splash Hand wash has 15 business days from the receipt of citation to comply with the penalties of OSHA by participating in an informal conference with the OSHA Director.