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Osha Approved Illinois Public Employee Protection Plan

Finally OSHA approved Illinois State for the public protection plan with the state being the first state to receive the approval from OSHA for having its own plan for employee safety and health.

Illinois became the fifth state along with New York, New Jersey and various others to have its own safety health program which is in line with OSHA enforcement. The 29 CFR Part 1956 act under OSHA allows states to establish plans which would cover state and government employees which are excluded from federal coverage’s.

This plan will be administered by Illinois Department of Labor Safety, Inspection and Education division. This program will all cover more than 1 million public workers, which would include 161,200 state government workers and a large number of municipal workers. The state of Illinois has been provided protection to public employees for many years which would know meet additional requirements of federal OSHA Program.

This state would now enforce standards which are identical to most OSHA safety and health standards all of which has been committed to provide standards which are in line with OSHA requirements.

As the course is approved the state would be funded by OSHA for around 50 percent of the program costs. OSHA is now awarding state with $1.5 million grant which is there for $3 million Public Employee program.

So this concludes that to be eligible for initial approval for public plan a state needs to operate a program which would be effective as Federal Program.