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Osha Fines Connecticut Manufacturer $225,000 For Safety Violations

International Bridge & Iron Company, a manufacturer of steel bridge parts faces a total of $225,000 in proposed fines from U.S Department of Labor for new safety hazards at Conn Manufacturing plant.

OSHA opened up an inspection in response to a complaint and found that several hazards were similar to those cited in 2007. This included unguarded stairs, a lack of eye protection, uncertified employee training preventing unintended startup of machinery during maintenance, etc all of which resulted in an injury to the workers.
This condition resulted in issuance of 17 repeat violations, carrying around $150,000 for proposed fines.

This violations were for repeat citations making an employer being cited for similar hazards with citations becoming final one.
The sizeable fines proposed in reflect both the breadth of hazards found in the workplace and employer’s failure to prevent the recurrence of hazardous conditions would be left unaddressed leading to fall, lacerations, electrocution and crushing injuries.

Along with this an additional $75,500 fines have been proposed for 16 serious violations encompassing uninspected overhead cranes, defective and unmarked lifting slings, unguarded live electrical parts, damaged electrode holders and insulations all of which would result in an oil spill from a work area.

A serious citation has been issued to those where there is a substantial probability that death or harm could result from a hazard about which the employer should have known off.

The company has 15 days from the receipt of citations with proposed penalties which would comply to meet with OSHA to contest the items before the commission.