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Osha Proposed $32,700 Fines For Refinery Death

A fine of $32,700 has been levied upon in April for the death of a worker at Torrance refinery with a criminal investigation opened up by state agency for workplace safety.

This cited ExxonMobile for 2 serious violations with one general violation resulting in death of Nelson Tan. This person Tan suffered second and third degree burns with 85 percent body stuck by blast of boiling water shotting 25 feet out of piece of equipment who was working at refinery.

We have fully cooperated the OSHA investigation which would comment on individual citations under their review. One would consider an appeal only after they have completed the review of citations. The company has 15 business days within which they can appeal to issue the deadline.

The criminal investigation is in very early stages as it does not begin until any potential workplace safety violations which are analyzed. Leading to this, largest fine assessed violations of around $22,500 with a failure to provide clear written instructions for workplace safety.

OSHA has levied a $7,650 fines for failing to ensure that they were wearing clothing which are appropriate for potential exposure to around 212 degree and steam. This violations had resulted in a fine for around $2,250.