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Osha Intervenes Austin Due To High Worker Fatalities

The death of construction workers in West Campus, drew a flood of federal inspectors to the state. This resulted in U.S Hispanic Contractors Association who would host a training event in case of health & safety for construction workers.

This event will feature consultants from OSHA Administration. In the construction industry 3,4 individuals die daily out of which 2 are Hispanic. The main purpose is to recognize and prevent accidents which has been certified by OSHA. Many people know the standards & regulations but if you do not have to abate that would lead to prevention of hazards when the problem starts.

Last year around 120 workers died in the construction jobs in Texas, which is the highest in the nation. This workplace injury represents the family of workers who died on June 10 with a lawsuit against the construction company.

With around 5 sections of scaffolding fall they cause three construction workers to fall in death. One survived by jumping from scaffolding to hang into the balcony.
Around 77 permanent inspectors from OSHA are in Texas with around 1,023 inspectors needed to fulfill the needs of the state.