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BP installing new containment cap

BP installing new containment cap
BP has every reason to be content as they are making a big progress in stopping the months old oil spill. They are installing a new containment cap on the blown out well and will activate a new oil-siphoning system after that.

BP’s senior vice president Kent Wells said that they are pleased with their progress and the task will take about 4 to 7 days for the undersea robots, which are performing 1 mile below the sea surface to place the new containment system.

The cap over the well has been removed to place a bigger capping system to capture 3.4 million gallons a day. They are also making a final safety check on a fresh containment ship, which is capable of siphoning up to 25,000 bpd from the well.

Let’s hope that BP’s endeavor is successful this time. The Gulf Of Mexico oil spill has brought two nations together to tackle the problem. US as well as BP have been hiring a lot of personal to respond to and clean up the oil slick. Mostly affecting the US shores, workers and volunteers trained in HAZWOPER safety program have been busy cleaning up the oil affected sites. If the oil flow can be controlled at the well, the clean up operation would be easier.