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U.S. Government dismisses seepage at capped Deepwater Horizon well as 'inconsequential'

The US has diffused the concerns over the seeping oil from BP’s blown out well. Thad Allen, leading the response to the oil disaster, has called the leak 'inconsequential at this time'.

Engineers had found oil seepage and possible methane gas near the leaked well. However, the government has declare the development insignificant even though it seemed like a setback first and they are now forging along with BP’s plan to finally seal the hole in the seabed.

The engineers have been monitoring pressure and seismic readings since the cap was installed to stop the leak and see whether the well would hold or not. Late Sunday, they could see a small amount of gas and oil coming out from the well and less than two miles away, seepage from the seabed was detected but it has probably nothing to do with the well.

Mr Allen has concluded that BP could keep the cap closed over the well for at least another 24 hours, as long as the company remained alert for leaks.

Ever since the cap was installed on the leaking well on Thursday, beach goers have reported that there is less oil fouling the shore. However, the cap is a temporary solution until a permanent solution comes.