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OSHA fears Oil Spill Workers are not getting proper Training

OSHA fears Oil Spill Workers are not getting proper Training
People are depending on the clean up workers to control the biggest oil spill in history, but if these workers are poorly trained, then it would pose as a great risk to their safety and health.

Now, the federal regulators are investigating after complaints were made that numerous companies are providing poor training to some supervisors of the Gulf clean up workers.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, (OSHA) said they received reports that some companies are not training supervisors with the mandatory 40 hours of training course and hands on instruction to handle the hazardous materials. The supervisors are required to get a 40 hour HAZWOPER training in order to qualify for the clean up operations.

OSHA is also focusing their investigation on yet another complaint where numerous companies are promising people secure jobs for prospective supervisors. Some workers have complained that their training certificates were being withheld.

It is quite unfortunate that in such a time of crisis where the world is in dire need of help, there are some who don’t think twice to take advantage of the situation to make a quick buck. For those who are looking for health and safety trainings, it is important to look out for reliable safety training providers to avoid such scams.