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Lack of Protective Gear In Explosion

Lack of Protective Gear In Explosion
Four fire fighters belonging to the Sacramento Fire Department got injured in a gas explosion at a Sacramento home due to lack of crucial protective gear. These fire fighters were not wearing protective gloves and department issued protective masks when they approached the site. When they were attempting to enter the building, an explosion ripped through and burned the fire personnel on their faces and hands.

Though the Sacramento Fire Department stated that since there were no fires involved and only a gas leak, it didn’t seem appropriate at the time for the firefighters to be wearing gloves.

Ironically, the Sacramento Fire Department was fined by Cal/OSHA with $8,100 just 5 days before the explosion for safety violations concerning a garage fire, where a firefighter suffered a second degree burn on his hands. They are appealing for the fine.

Dean Fryer, spokesman of Cal/OSHA, said that the fire department was responsible for providing proper equipment for their fire crews.

However the fire department said that their responding fire crews followed a protocol while responding to the gas leak. The did shut off gas, electricity and request the PG&E crews to assist. They even attached a hose to a fire hydrant to be safe. The fire crews had taken whatever precaution they could.

Regarding the four firefighters, they have now been released and are expected to recover soon..