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Leak Detected a Distance from Oil Well

After much hype, speculation and expectation about BP finally containing the oil leak, the federal government’s oil response director has said that the testing revealed a "detected seep a distance from the well" and has ordered the oil giant to notify the government if there is any leak found.

Whenever there is a seep detected, it is directed to the marshal resources and it is quickly investigated and the finding is reported to the government within four days.

A BP spokesman, however said they have no information about the leak and there was no information where the leak is and where it was spotted in the letter sent by the government.

Retired Adm. Thad Allen has asked BP to provide their latest containment plan and event schedule that the Well Integrity Test is suspended within 24 hours and said they should be prepared to talk about its efforts to detect leaks during a regular conference call between government scientists and BP that was scheduled for 9 pm.

Allen said that the testing would decide whether to keep the well capped was the right solution. Pressure testing results in the well have been lower than expected meaning oil could be gushing out from below.

BP Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles said on earlier Sunday that a range of tests showed that oil and gas were not leaking from the well. Again newly recapped well could remain closed until the relief well is properly drilled if the tests remained good. And if the tests show problems, BP officials said they will remove the containment cap and reassess.

Now, scientists and engineers have intensified monitoring of the well, providing images and data which is collected by sonar scans, robots, seismic and acoustic examinations. A government ship is in the area, which is fitted with equipment to detect methane gas, indicating a leak.