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US pressurizing BP over oil seepage

US pressurizing BP over oil seepage
It seems that the government won’t let go of BP yet even after the oil cap was successfully installed. They are now pressurizing BP as the oil seepage on the seabed is being monitored.

Finally after three months of mishaps, BP had finally succeeded in shutting down the leaked well with a cap. And that has also underscored the distrust between the government officials and the BP executives overseeing the response.

On Sunday, BP persuaded the government that they are doing well and they ensured that the oil and gas leak from the seabed around the well will not make the matter worse.

This statement was made after retired Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen, who is in charge of the response demanded instructions for opening the well cap after acoustic tests and seismic surveys detected the seeps. He had given BP 24 hours to keep the cap while monitoring any oil leakages and methane gas in the sea floor around the broken well head. He further stated that the seeps and the small leaks, which is detected in the experimental cap stopping the gusher and the ineffective blowout preventer, which is attached to the well head were not their major concern.

BP has given a re-commitment to the government to conduct a vigorous monitoring of the seeps and to react fast with all required resources.