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BME & Sons Penalized for Lying to OSHA Inspectors

BME & Sons Penalized for Lying to OSHA Inspectors
Recently, Guam Based general contractor BME & Sons has come under OSHA’s radar, for not only failing to provide its employees with the necessary PPE, but more importantly, lying about it to the OSHA inspectors.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has in turn, penalized BME & Sons for one willful violation and one other serious violation that has been assessed at approximately $1,600. Hence, the Barrigada firm may have to pay a total amount of $45,600, in fines.

Mr.Ken Nishiyama Atha, OSHA’s regional administrator in San Francisco, stated that, “We cannot emphasize enough that employers have an obligation to provide protective safety equipment to their workers.”

However, BME & Sons is far from unfamiliar, with regards to OSHA’s standards, for it has been penalized by OSHA 16 times since 2005.

These penalties and citations stem from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s inspection, which was carried out on the 24th of February, at a work site in Santa Rita.

OSHA generally issues a serious violation when there is a substantial probability that serious physical harm or death could result and the employer should have known of the hazard. In this case, a serious violation was issued against BME & Sons, primarily because the employer failed to ensure that the workers used proper face shields to protect their faces and eyes from debris and water.

As usual, the company has 15 days to either comply with or contest the citations before the independent OSHA Review Commission.