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Is BP Shunning away its moral obligations

Is BP Shunning away its moral obligations
Millions of people are still wondering why it took BP so long to stop the flow of oil from its blown out well into the Gulf of Mexico. This clearly highlights the fact that BP doesn't really care about the families who lost their loved ones or those who lost their primary means of employment due to one of the biggest disasters in the history of the oil industry. Hence, people are beginning to believe that BP is shunning away its moral responsibilities.

BP however, has a justification for its actions. Apparently the technology that was employed to drill the well was inadequate, with regards to the forces associated with the pressure of the water and the depth of the well. BP has lost nearly 220,000,000 gallons of crude oil, due to its negligence. That very fuel would have been used in motor vehicle, aircraft, power companies and so on.

There is absolutely no doubt that such a huge oil leak should have been tamed within a few weeks. It even makes one ponder that greed might have led the executives of BP to drill for oil in an area that was clearly not safe from the start.

In Toto, the BP oil spill has not only covered the entire Gulf of Mexico with deadly cancer causing chemicals and tar, but most importantly, people who were physically and economically injured seem to be getting no compensation whatsoever from this company that is on the road to bankruptcy.