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The Borough Council gears up for OSHA

The Borough Council gears up for OSHA
The Borough Council recently set up an ordinance that would set aside $1.1 million for any kind of alterations and improvements, throughout the municipality. For instance, some of these improvements would include Borough Hall upgrades, drainage projects throughout the borough, a new police motorcycle and even new vehicles for the Department of Public Works.

The Council had introduced this very ordinance during its June 29th special council meeting. However, it was not adopted until its July 20th meeting.

Mr. Heck recapped, what the municipality wants to accomplish with the allocated funds. Primarily, the Borough intends to perform drainage work on some streets including Hickory Road, Welch Road, Wanaque Terrace, Wind-beam Loop and Skyline Lakes Drive. Mr. Heck also stated that the Borough also wants to replace any faulty DPW equipment. It is also planning to buy a roll-off truck to transport recycling containers to market.

The other half of the $1.1 million would go towards Borough Hall improvements, including air conditioner installations in the police station and electrical work in the older part of the building.

It is very important to note that all these upgrades will be conducted well before OSHA inspects the office. For it was only a few years ago when OSHA hit the borough with a 15-page letter outlining the ways in which, Borough Hall should be brought up to current standards.