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The Interfor Pacific Honored by OSHA

The Interfor Pacific Honored by OSHA
According to the latest news, Molalla mill of Interfor Pacific was honored by Oregon OSHA with congratulatory Best in Class comments for five years without a lost time injury. The Interfor Pacific has not even had a single employee miss a days work or more due to injury since purchasing the plant in 2005.

OSHA, even recognized the Molalla mill, as being one of the best mills in the lumber manufacturing industry in the Northwest Pacific. The production manager, Mike Richardson stated that, "Three years prior to Interfor purchasing the mill there were 32 lost time injuries reported", he further stated that, "Five years with zero lost time injuries is a big safety accomplishment for our company"

Inferor Pacific, managed to pull off such a herculean task by making sure that certain safety systems and programs were in place, to ensure every employee returned home safely at the end of each day. The Molalla mill is also a part of the Oregan OSHA SHARP.

Inferor, in one of the largest producers of Wood products in the Northwest Pacific. The Molalla mill is one of ten mills that operate in Canada as well as the United states.

The Interfor Pacific has a great track record, for it has received several international awards in the past. For instance, it has even been recognized for its involvement in Ecosystem Base Management, an innovative sustainable forestry program. To add to its glory, its British Colombia mill has also been recognized twice, as having the best safety record.