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OSHA slaps U.S Postal Office with $3.7 million in fines

OSHA has slapped the United States Postal Office with a total fine of $357,000, after finding, “willful and serious” violations of federal workplace safety laws, at the South Boston mail center on Summer Street.

However, the postal service has vowed to fight back. The spokesperson for the postal service, Dennis P. Tarmey, recently stated that, “We are confident that our electrical work plan and our work practices meet requirements today”. He further said that there are “nearly 700 full-time safety professionals who work more than one million hours every year”.

More so, the postal service nearly spent almost $2 million on protective gear, including shatter-proof glasses, fire-resistant overalls and shock-proof gloves. Unfortunately, all the equipment may be arriving far too late.

The American Postal Workers Union has reportedly asked OSHA to launch the probe. During the probe, OSHA inspectors found several employees who had been exposed to electrical shock, which in turn lead to burns and even death because they did not have the proper training to handle live electrical components.

OSHA inspectors found nearly nine workplace violations, in Boston alone. Their spokesman, Mr. Ted Fitzgerald, said that those violations included, workers using bar-code readers without proper gear or training.

In Toto, Mr. Fitzgerald stated that “OSHA has recognized a significant number of our facilities for their work practices,” and hence, the postal service has until Aug. 16 to pay the Boston fine.