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BP has come to Terms with OSHA's Safety Management Standards

BP has come to Terms with OSHA's Safety Management Standards
According to the Texas refinery agreement signed by BP, £350m would be set aside to develop a 'comprehensive' safety strategy. In particular, £319m would go towards the improvement plan, whereas, £32m would go towards the agreed settlement.

The agreement that BP has signed with the US government obliges the Oil Major to introduce a comprehensive IT system that would regulate and maintain various safety processes.

Furthermore, under this new pact, BP would have to begin safety reviews of the Texas City refinery equipment, in accordance with clear-cut schedules that would be set up by OSHA. Regarding this matter, OSHA stated that there would be an “an unprecedented level of oversight.”

However, it has become very clear that BP has agreed to adhere to the terms set by OSHA. These efforts have been taken primarily to reduce the incidents of,“catastrophic chemical releases”.

With regards to the above mentioned agreement, Mr.Jordan Barab, the deputy assistant secretary stated that, “By reaching this agreement, BP is accepting an unprecedented level of oversight over key aspects of their process safety management system.” He further stated that,“This gives OSHA far more insight into the safety procedures and critical systems at the plant than would have been achievable even if we had won the lawsuit.”

Lastly, BP would have to pay an additional fine of $30m if the OSHA review commission manages to prove an additional 439 continued “willful violations.”