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The Oil Budget Calculator sheds some light on BP’s oil spill

The Oil Budget Calculator sheds some light on BP’s oil spill
BP’s blown out well has been spilling more than 35,000 barrels of oil per day, into the Gulf of Mexico. However, at present a vast majority of that oil has been skimmed, burned, evaporated, dispersed or recovered from the wellhead. This result is primarily due to the robust federal response efforts.

Furthermore, nearly 33% of that oil has either been mitigated or captured by the Unified Command recovery operations. Some of these operations include skimming, chemical dispersion and burning.

Moreover, an additional 25% of that oil has dissolved or evaporated naturally. Nearly, 16% of the oil dispersed naturally into tiny microscopic droplets. Whereas, 26% has either been buried in the sand or washed onto the shore.

These estimates were provided by the DOI and the NOAA, who jointly set up the Oil Budget Calculator. This calculator provides some of the best estimates as well as measurements with regards to the oil spill.

These estimates do not in any way mean that beaches and marshes aren’t at risk. It just helps us better understand risks. Fully understanding the impacts of the oil spill on the ecosystem is something that will take time.

Overall, the Oil Budget calculations are primarily based on direct measurements as well as scientific estimates. However, these very estimates will continue to be more accurate as additional information comes in.