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Family who Witnessed SeaWorld's Devastating Fatality Pleased with OSHA's Penalty

Its hard to believe, but the Connell family of Somersworth, stood less than 30 feet from Dawn Brancheau, who was the whale trainer of SeaWorld, when she was killed just a few months ago.

On Tuesday, Suzanne Connell informed the WESH 2 News that she was very pleased with OSHA's penalties and citations against SeaWorld. Connell went on to say that she wanted to know that what happened to Dawn would never happen to another trainer.

Furthermore, the family claims that the reaction of the SeaWorld employees was chaotic and unprofessional. They went on to say that they were very disappointed, since neither the Orange County Sheriff's Office nor SeaWorld wanted to have anything to do with their witness statements.

However, the OSHA inspectors did take notice. At one point an OSHA investigator even warned, Mrs. Suzanne Connell that she and her husband may have to testify, if the matter was taken to court.

It is also important to note that the husband of the SeaWorld Orlando trainer has hired a Chicago law firm that specializes in wrongful-death litigation.

As of date, SeaWorld has 15 business days to either comply with or contest the reports in front of an independent Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission.