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Brazilian Blowout causes Cancer

Brazilian Blowout causes Cancer
Brazilian Blowout, one of the most recent and most popular hair products, has recently been linked to cancer, and these concerns have peaked recently what with more and more stylists complaining about the product. Authorities have begun a thorough investigation into the components of the hair straightening and smoothening product.

The formula which first started in 2005 in Brazil became so popular that it spread to North America as well as Europe. With many celebrities endorsing the product, it quickly turned into a must-have over the years. Apart from the fact that smooth and straight hair is considered to be very glamorous, the product also came as a blessing to those who were struggling to manage frizzy and curly hair on a daily basis. With just $300 in hand and 90 minutes to spare, it could transform any unruly, curly hair into sleek, straight strands!

But the major part of the trouble began when many stylists and users of the product started experiencing a whole range of health issues from eye irritation to breathing problems as well as nose bleeds. By the end of last year, OSHA started investigating the matter and found that the product contained quantities of Formaldehyde, which causes all the symptoms mentioned before. Formaldehyde has been classified by EPA as a possible carcinogen. However, OSHA also went on to say that the formaldehyde levels were way below the Action Levels, Short-Term Exposure Levels and Permissible Exposure Levels, according to a survey conducted across 7 salons.

However, in response to the damage that was caused by OSHA’s intervention, the company in turn filed a lawsuit against OSHA. The company accused OSHA of wrongfully declaring high levels of formaldehyde in the product.

However, a number of countries have been receiving complaints about the product and investigations are being conducted as to whether or not the product can potentially cause cancer.