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OSHA fines New York Manufacturer

OSHA fines New York Manufacturer
OSHA has recently fined a New York manufacturer $220,000 for a number of workplace safety violations. The Syracuse-based manufacturing company, Oberdorfer, manufactures aluminum casings. OSHA found nearly 28 workplace health and safety violations, including failing to correct the hazards that were cited in OSHA’s previous visit to the company.

The company was previously cited for a number of violations as well, ranging from overexposure of the employees to high concentrations of silica to failing to provide employees with adequate personal protective equipment like respirators.

The company was given the opportunity as well as the time to take the right corrective actions, yet in the latest inspections, OSHA found that all the previous citation were either uncorrected or allowed to recur. Being a serious issue, sizable fines were issued to the company. OSHA warns that the violations must be corrected to ensure that the workers in the company remain safe.