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OSHA cites Prologix Distribution Services after workers arm was amputated

OSHA cites Prologix Distribution Services after workers arm was amputated
Recently, OSHA has cited a certain Prologox Distribution Services company with 14 safety and health violations after an incident in which a worker was found to have gone through an amputation in the company’s Doral, Fla. Facility.

The OSHA safety investigations commenced in August 2010 after it was reported that a worker had his arm amputated at the elbow after it got trapped in a machine. In the following months, the agency began to conduct separate inspections that focused mainly on all the health-related issues at the plant.

OSHA believes that employees at any work site should not be required to risk their lives just to earn their daily bread and butter. The employee’s amputation could have been prevented if the company had diligently followed all the proper safety and equipment maintenance procedures in the first place. The total penalties amounted to $239,000.

Following the inspections, OSHA cited Prologix for 3 willful violations of $210,000. These violations included: exposing workers to moving machinery, lack of lock out procedures, accidental energy startup, failing to provide trainings to workers.

Other serious citations include: allowing materials to accumulate around the machinery and below the conveyor belt, Failing to inspect the lockout procedures, storing propane indoors, using a forklift that has a broken propane strap, failing to maintain equipment, and exposing employees to electrical hazards.