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OSHA recently updates its PPE Enforcement Guidelines

OSHA recently updates its PPE Enforcement Guidelines
The new guidelines documents will certainly help employers across the country, because it helps them by listing the various standards that require them to provide their employees with PPE and linking the list of relevant letters.

If you’re not aware of the latest OSHA news, then you should know that OSHA has recently published a new manual – “Enforcement Guidance for Personal Protective Equipment in General Industry”. This document has become effective since Feb 10th, 2011. It has replaced the 1995 directive and reflects 2 major rules – a 2007 rule that requires employers in the general industry, marine terminal; long-shoring, shipyard employment and construction industry to pay for most of the employees PPE, and a 2009 rule that updated the OSHA PPE standards to make them more consistent.

The new guidelines can be used as reference by safety personnel. The guidance lists the various consensus standards, the types of PPE that an employer must pay for, what PPE complies with OSHA, types of respirators, personal fall protection, hard hats, hearing protection, metatarsal protective footwear and firefighting PPE.