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Construction Worker Buried in Trench Collapse

Construction Worker BuriedOn Tuesday afternoon, a construction worker working on a new home site near Trammel road was buried when a trench collapsed. Sheriff’s Captain, Tim House of Forsyth County, identified the worker as Aaron Banks from Covington. Banks was only 20 years old.

Emergency workers were unable to free Banks from the trench, which took place at about 2:30 p.m. at the Waterstone Falls subdivision, in the south of Cumming. The investigation as to the cause of the trench collapse was turned over to OSHA.

However, a spokesperson for OSHA has revealed that the investigation could possibly take 6 months. OSHA investigations will be conducted to determine whether any of its safety standards have been violated. It is still unknown what company Banks was working for and what kind of work he was doing on the site.