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Cal-OSHA cites Children’s Hospital for Gun Violence Threat

Cal-OSHA cites Children’s Hospital for Gun Violence Threat
A whole spate of violence, as well as a hostage crisis, has led to Cal-OSHA (California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health) to fine the much esteemed Children’s Hospital of Oakland. What was the violation found? Cal-OSHA fined the hospital for not protecting its employees adequately.

The hospital has a long history of violence, which started in July when a 49 year old man swept into the building and held a ward clerk and nurse at gunpoint. Yes, the police did come before he could hurt anyone, but this episode has caused a lot of apprehension in the hospital, which is located in a rough neighborhood in the North Oakland. It is just a few blocks away from an apartment complex where a man was caught two weeks ago, shooting at police officers!

Tensions mounted once again in October when nurses were called in to treat a gunshot victim who was mysteriously dropped off in front of the hospital. This event happened soon after the registered nurses ended a three day strike over issues regarding health care cuts.

While most of the hospital staff are still debating over whether the July and October events constitute a certain trend, it is very clear that this children’s hospital has the potential to be affected by gun violence because of its surrounding area.

In the last three years, out of the 156.289 emergency room patients treated, 77 were victims of gunshot wounds. Cal-OSHA definitely sees this as reason for concern. It has since fined the hospital $10,350 for a number of violations.