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DeWitt Manufacturer fined by OSHA

DeWitt Manufacturer fined by OSHA
OSHA has recently cited the DeWitt branch of Oberdorfer LLC for 28 alleged violations of workplace safety standards. Oberdorfer is a well known manufacturer of aluminum casings and is currently facing a total of nearly $220,000 in fines after OSHA inspected their work site on July 30th last year. The inspection was held to verify whether the previous hazards that were cited by OSHA, were indeed corrected.

Some of the violations that were involved include overexposure of the employees to airborne hazards like silica, which has been classified as a carcinogen. The latest inspection of the company found that the company had failed to make use of and implement any engineering controls to help reduce the workers’ exposure to these silica concentrations. Furthermore, the inspection also found that the employees who were overexposed to silica were made to do so without a respirator.

OSHA also cited the company on 2 counts of failure to abate notices, which carry $75,000 in fines for all those uncorrected conditions, and the company has also received 1 willful citation that carries a $70,000 fine for lack of respiratory protection. What’s more, OSHA also issued the company with 21 serious violations with proposed fines of $72,000 for electrical, fall and machine guarding hazards.