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Investigate oil spill clean-up safety – LA speaks to OSHA

Investigate oil spill clean-up safety – LA speaks to OSHA
Taking into account the recent news of a number of oil spill workers being hospitalized and after many other workers experiencing serious problems at various clean-up sites, the Louisiana health and environmental officials have requested the federal safety officials to make sure that the workers operating for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill are thoroughly protected.

Great concerns about the safety of the clean up workers have come up after a few oil-spill workers were hospitalized after complaining of dizziness, nausea and headaches. Alan Levine, Health and Hospitals Secretary, and Peggy Hatch, Environmental Quality Secretary, have said that the daily reports of illness and injuries by the workers are worrying. They have requested the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to investigate into the matter and to find out what protection these clean up workers are getting.

BP is trying to allocate nearly 3,000 more cleanup workers to Louisiana and for their safety, the agencies want all the workers to get proper HAZWOPER safety training, protective equipment and supplies vital for the clean up operation. With all these facilities, the safety of the workers will be guaranteed.