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O’Donnell parking structure now closed says OSHA

O’Donnell parking structure now closed says OSHA
It seems the O’Donnell parking structure is seeing its last days when OSHA shut it down after a partial wall collapsed killing one person and injured two more. Some of the visitors who have parked their cars prior to the incident will be unable to retrieve their cars for days since it has been completely closed down.

The county officials had received a call shortly after 4 p.m. informing them that a 30-foot slab of concrete collapsed onto a driveway below. The incident happened on the park east facade and the concrete trapped at least one person inside and two others were injured in the collapse.

The cause of the collapse has not been disclosed yet, but the city engineers were being summoned to the scene to determine the integrity of the parking structure.

Some motorists were still allowed to retrieve their vehicles from the south section of the parking structure. When OSHA took over the matter, they gave a nod to close down the whole structure completely. It seems the investigation will be going on but whether they will cite anyone is still unclear. An OSHA violation can be serious if death or serious physical harm results from hazards that seem to have been known or existed.