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More BP Oil Spill Workers Experiencing Health Problem

More BP oil spill clean-up workers are experiencing health problems resulting from the use of dispersant and the effects of the oil spill. Two more workers have been hospitalized after they were experiencing headaches, dizziness and nausea after chemical dispersant was applied within a mile of their operating clean-up vessels.

Earlier, seven workers were complaining of feeling unwell and were sent to a hospital. All of the workers were properly trained and had been using appropriate protective gears.

The workers seem to be in contact with some sort of irritant, but so far, the hospital where they are being admitted doesn’t have the ability to run the test and determine the cause.

It is possible to get sick if volatile compounds are still there in the oil and if a worker comes in direct contact with the concentrated dispersant, the chemicals tend to break the oil before they get mixed with the water and that could affect the health. The smell from the oil throughout the coastal area has been pervasive and that itself indicates volatile compounds from the oil are strong enough.

Safety personal from OSHA, BP and the Coast Guard are investigating this problem. Shrimpers working in the clean up operation are making claims that the air quality has not been monitored by anyone except BP, who has of course reason to defile the results just like the amount of oil coming from the well.