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OSHA in collaboration with AESC renewed alliance to promote safety and health in the oil and gas industry

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill has opened yet another door for the importance and enhancement of workplace safety for the oil and gas workers. Now, OSHA in collaboration with the Association of Energy Service Cos. has developed and signed an alliance of workplace safety for oil and gas workers.

William Burke, OSHA's acting regional administrator in Dallas, said "We welcome this opportunity to join with the AESC in emphasizing employer awareness of hazardous working conditions in the oil and gas industry. The joint resources of this continuing relationship will help make this industry as safe and healthy as possible." The members of AESC have agreed to work closely with OSHA for the sake of enhancing and building upon existing training and educational goals, outreach and communication goals, and workplace health, safety and environmental goals.

This alliance will help OSHA work with groups that are committed to the workers safety and health, including businesses, trade and professional organizations, unions and educational institutions, to leverage resources and expertise to develop compliance assistance tools and resources, and share information with employers and employees to help prevent injuries, illnesses and fatalities in the workplace.

OSHA has been working many ways to ensure the safety and health of the workers at the workplace. This is the main federal agency of the US Department of Labor. It is aware of everything regarding the workers and has regulated rules and also provides OSHA safety trainings to them.