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Queens contractor was busted for selling bogus safety certificates

A Queens contractor was found selling dozens of fake safety certificates that are needed by the hardhats on construction projects and so was busted on Thursday. It was shocking to know that Junior Lewis, owner of Jule Builders Group Inc. in Jamaica had sold around 69 workers Labor Department cards that certify 30 hours of safety training course completion; but actually they had not completed the course.

Manhattan U.S. Attorney's office has disclosed the matter. Now, it has been brought into the light by Daily News investigations that there has developed a widespread black market in the coveted certificates named OSHA-30 cards. These cards are required by the workers to work with the most city construction of buildings of 10 or more stories.

According to the prosecutors, under a program regulated by Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Lewis, 53, has been certified as a construction-safety trainer. And illegally they have started selling the certificates for $200-$400 apiece, leaving the recipient's name blank.

Federal Judge, James Cott, released Lewis on a $50,000 personal recognizance bond pending a court appearance July 26.

The whole thing is a threat to the safety and the health of the workers at the workplace and is a great crime done.