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Brazilian Blowout Maker Ready to fight OSHA in Court

Brazilian Blowout Maker Ready to fight OSHA in Court
The makers of Brazilian Blowout are looking forward to fight the United States regulatory body, OSHA, in court.

A few months ago, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, had strictly warned people that the wildly popular hair straightening treatment, was a reservoir of health hazards.

The Post obtained the lawsuit that basically accuses the Oregon office of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, for primarily misleading consumers, with several stringent warnings that the treatments contained dangerously high levels of the toxic chemical, formaldehyde.

Mr. Mike Brady, the Brazilian Blowout CEO, had this to say about the OSHA citations:

“Firstly, the formaldehyde content is many times below the minimum levels."

He further went on to accuse the Oregon regulators, stating that, “they erroneously measured a different substance, methylene glycol, and improperly counted it as formaldehyde.”

Regarding the product itself, he said that, "the data is there that shows this product is perfectly safe.”

Whereas, the spokeswoman for Oregon OSHA, Melanie Mesaros, said that, "We will continue to provide information and guidance to employers and workers to help them create and maintain safe workplaces."

Mr.James Corbett, the owner of a salon named, Union Square, said that most often his customers shrug off these warnings. He even specified that his customers usually, “live fast, die young and leave good-looking corpses."