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OSHA Investigating Refrigerator Death

OSHA Investigating Refrigerator Death
After the death of a maintenance worker, which resulted after a refrigerator, fell on him from a fourth story apartment, OSHA has begun to investigate the incident. The man died while working on a project and was an employee for the building’s owner, Milwaukee-based Wiegand Enterprises LLC.

The 33 year old man was a part of a renovating crew working on an apartment and was struck by a refrigerator thrown by his co workers from the building.

According to a police officer, four maintenance workers were disposing debris from the building. They were tossing few items over the west end balcony of the building.

The staff called out ‘all clear’ before the refrigerator was tossed over the balcony edge. However, the victim had just walked beneath the falling refrigerator and was crushed to his death. It was a very tragic accident as he died on the spot.

OSHA is investigating the scene and it is still too early to say whether the accident could lead to any citations.

OSHA is quite notorious when it comes to giving citations. They have also given stern warnings to all who violate their regulations that the citations won’t come cheap. The investigation is still on and we are waiting for the latest updates.