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Mr. David Michaels Appoints New OSHA Director

Mr. David Michaels Appoints New OSHA Director
The United States, OSHA Administrator, Mr. David Michaels, MPH, Ph.D., recently appointed Mr. Jim Maddux as the new director of the regulatory agency's Directorate of Construction.

Mr. Maddux has also served several years in OSHA's Directorate of Guidance and Standards, as the director of the main office of Physical hazards. He even stepped in as an acting director for the office of Engineering Safety. Simply put, over the years he has held many leadership positions. For instance, he has also been the acting deputy director for the Directorate of Standards and Guidance as well as the director of the office of Maritime.

Regarding the new appointment, Mr. Michaels said that, “Jim has been a valuable member of the OSHA team for over 20 years”. He further went on to say that, “I congratulate him on his new position, and I am confident that he will be an effective leader in construction safety working to accomplish the agency's mission of protecting America’s workers.”

In 1990, Mr. Maddux began his career as a statistician in the office of Statistics. Later on in 1998, he joined the Directorate of Standards and Guidance. Furthermore, he has also been an author, a contributor and a project director to numerous OSHA guidance projects, including injury and illness record keeping regulations, payment for personal protective equipment standards and even ergonomics guideline projects.