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New Law praised for Ensuring Safety On Construction Sites

Online Safety Training CoursesUnion and Construction Industry officials appreciated a new law they said aimed to create a culture of safety on construction work sites.

This new bill signed into law by Government requires all construction workers and supervisors to attend health and safety course training within 15 days of being employed.

The bill which was signed exactly a year after Construction Trades Council agreed to end a 24-hour strike at construction sites .This bill requires the workers to attend a 10 Hour health Course and 10 Hour Safety course. It will require supervisors to complete 30 hours of training.

Perini Building Co one of construction companies agreed to offer 10 hour health and safety course to its workers after a strike by workers. But these courses have been provided by us without the workers demand because we understand your needs.

Making this course mandatory is important as it will change the culture on construction sites making it safe for workers.

The rule is such that if employees fail to produce training certificate of 10 hour training course within 15 days of being hired then they are suspended.

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