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OSHA VPP | Voluntary Protection Programs OSHA

OSHA created VPP Programs to partner with businesses to manage workers safety. The companies who were having VPP Status were having an injury rate 52% lower than other companies.

VPP emphasize that every employee need to identify and correct the hazards in their particular office. This program helps to create a safer place for employees to work and enables to develop a spirit of co-operation and trust between unions, management and OSHA to improve safety.

If any company wants to become a VPP Site, one needs to submit an application which would be reviewed by OSHA followers by an on-site evaluation of OSHA Experts.

OSHA Approval VPP ProgramsThe main purpose of OSHA VPP Program is to enhance workplace safety and health with each & every employee in that company.

OSHA sets the standards which will provide training, outreach and education and finally encouraging the employees to improve workplace safety and health.

In recent years around 15 new postal work sites have earned OSHA VPP status.

OSHA standards for workplace safety are so high that out of 7 million workplaces spread across the nation only 2,220 have been designated VPP Sites.