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OSHA Steps to crack on Training Fraud

In an effort to eliminate fraudulent trainers, OSHA is strengthening the integrity of its 36-year-old Outreach Training Program. The changes are proposed in a way that improves the program aimed to become authorized trainer.

OSHA voluntary program has grown to a national network of more than 16,000 independent trainers. The trainers are eligible to teach workers and employers about job hazards, and to provide OSHA 10-hour course cards for completion. However, according to reports, some trainers have fraudulently failed to provide appropriate training.

Trainers can become authorized by completing a week-long course through an OSHA Training Institute Education Center. After these training only the trainers can then teach 10-hour basic programs, and 30-hour courses in construction, maritime, and general-industry safety and health.

The program's success had led some states and municipalities demand that workers have a 10-hour card to employ them. As a result of gaining demand OSHA programs are experiencing fraudulent activities.

OSHA acknowledges that the use of independent trainers permits OSHA to significantly extend its training capabilities, but OSHA will not tolerate fraudulent activity or unscrupulous trainers through independent training when workers' health and lives may be at stake.

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