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OSHA Construction Industry Training | OSHA General Industry Training

OSHA Training SolutionsOSHA Safety Training has been combined with 360 training to provide OSHA Training Solutions for Construction and General Industry.

OSHA's Training Programs have been offered through various channels to hundreds of thousands of workers every year. The benefit of this online training is that it provides both cost and time efficiency to workers that offer training to their workers, which is especially important in today's economy. Workers are being able to train at their own pace and schedule therefore avoiding time constraints with their jobs.

OSHA 10 Hour Construction Training is available for various sized publicly funded construction projects. Wallet size course completion cards are given to students after successful completion of the course to show that employees have met this requirement.

While online training emphasizes hazard prevention and control, it is accomplished by engaging the worker in an interactive multimedia setting which makes it an enjoyable learning experience. There are over one hundred OSHA online training courses to choose from starting from general overviews down to industry specific hazards training.

The training is geared for small business owners, employers or managers. The program will provide participants with the knowledge and tools required to teach their employees how to reduce work-related injuries and illness.