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Investigation of teenager accident OSHA Officers

Teenager Accident Investigation OSHA OfficersRecently a 15 year old Houston Country boy suffered serious injuries at Ashford Business. Officials at OSHA are investigating the case to check whether any federal violations have happened or not.

A teenager named Brian Jacob Jr. fell into auger machine at summer ford Pallet in Ashford. Dozens of rescue and law enforcement personnel along with doctors responded to the little teenager.

The rescue operating team worked for more than 3 hours to rescue the boy from the machine. Then after an AIR Heart Helicopter took the boy to nearby medical centre. The primary investigation by OSHA revealed that Jacobs had been into business helping his father who works at Pallet.

It was a real miracle the boy became conscious and is stable having suffered such serious injuries. Having heard about such cases we can surely say that there is always destiny with which we are associated. Destiny is something which we don’t know or something that happens with us which we have not at all thought of.
But still real reason for the fall was it an accident or due to violation of safety rule by company is still under investigation.

But many believe that it was not a criminal incident it was a mere industrial accident.

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