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Tyson Food Company | Safety Violations Fined

Tyson Foods plant had recently met an accident wherein toxic fumes emitted from one of the machines led to death of an employee.

Tyson Foods has many of Animal Foods plant which is used for recycling of poultry products into protein and fats.

A part of this recycling process involves using hydrolyzers a machine for high pressure steam which is used to convert poultry features to feature meals. This recycling processes decomposition leads to production of hydrogen sulphide which is a toxic substance.

Now on analyzing this situation U.S Department states that employers of this plant are often exposed to toxic gas when working near the recycling plant. To avoid this frequent adjustments and replacements are being required by the workers.

One of the employees Jacson Kelly on attempting to repair a leak in hydrolyzer was exposed to hydrogen sulphide gas which leads to his death. Along with him other 2 employees who tried to rescue him were also hospitalized due to toxic hydrogen sulphide gas.

Tyson Foods states that they have installed a mister and ductwork at the end of feed of hydrolyzer to reduce the amount of hydrogen sulphide gas.

But the petition court states that Tyson foods has not taken appropriate steps to provide effective administrative controls & protective equipments to curbe and reduce the amount of hydrogen sulphide exposure. Also they have not taken proper steps to train workers on hazardous chemicals as required by OSHA.

Tyson foods have not taken proper safety measures to limit the contact with dangerous chemicals leading to payment of a huge amount of fine by this company.
Not abiding by rules of safety of OSHA as well as Federal laws lead Tyson foods pay a huge amount of fine which included criminal fine as well as OSHA Fine.

Like Tyson Foods however big or small a plant is if an accident occurs y not abiding the safety laws governed by OSHA a handsome amount of fine will be generated from them This incident opens up the eyes of companies and corporate who are not yet serious about the safety laws governed by OSHA.