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Safety Alliance with OSHA signed by Centennial Contractors Enterprises

Safety Alliance with OSHACentennial Contractors Enterprises have signed an alliance with OSHA to establish a relationship with safety and health laws governed by OSHA.

The safety alliance between Centennial Contractors and OSHA will together impart several training and education goals to various employees with an importance of workplace safety and health curriculum.

The 2 companies will also work together to achieve outreach and communication goals which include:
  1. Providing expertise on recognition and prevention of work place hazards.
  2. Speaking and exhibiting various conferences and events of OSHA or Centennial conferences.
  3. To share information with OSHA Personnel and industry safety health and professionals.
  4. Encouraging Cennetial work sites participation with OSHA co-operative programs such as compliance assistance.
Finally OSHA and Centennial main purpose to work together is to expand the safety of the nation, build innovative solutions for safety of workers by participating in different forums and round table conferences which will ultimately build up safety of the workplace.

To make the safety education purpose solved OSHA and Centennial representatives will meet at least 3 times per year to track information and share information on activities which results in achieving goals of the alliance.