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OSHA Targets Fraudulent Trainers By Strengthening Outreach Programs

The Outreach Training Program is a voluntary program which has grown into a national network of independent trainers. These trainers are eligible to teach workers and employees about work place hazards and to provide them OSHA 10 hour completion cards.

Some officials claim some trainers are not providing training in accordance with the programs rules. So to take care that the trainers follow rules, OSHA has made it mandatory for trainers to become authorized and see it to that they are in compliance with rules.

The use of independent trainers has allowed OSHA to grow significantly by extending its training capabilities.

The trainers for OSHA are required to complete a one-week course through an OSHA Training Institute Education Centre. After that only the trainers are eligible to teach 10-hour programs to workers which give them the basic knowledge about workplace hazards.

This program has become such a great success that workers and employees in some states are required to have an OSHA 10 Hour Card as a condition for employment.

As success of program increased the fraudulent activities by trainers have also increased.

So to prevent that OSHA has increased unannounced monitoring visits to check that trainers are in compliance with program requirements. Along with that they have developed a process for investigation of complaints and have also created a watch list of outreach trainers who have received disciplinary action.

There are various other changes in OSHA which have been implemented to avoid fraudulent activities. The changes require trainers to certify their classes and ensure that training documentation is in accordance with OSHA guidelines. Also OSHA is developing an ethics module which will be added to all trainer course thus preventing fraudulent activities.

The purpose of strengthening integrity of OSHA outreach program is to ensure that workers receive quality training and get back to home safely at the end of day.

OSHA has made strict laws that trainers caught in fraudulent activities will be penalized in the act of criminal prosecution.