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OSHA Investigation at JBS Pork Processing Plant

OSHA Safety TrainingInvestigators with OSHA Administration were at JBS Site recently due to the news of ammonia leakage at the pork processing plant. This incident sent almost 51 employees to hospital. OSHA policy is that if 3 or more people are taken to hospital as a result of work place safety then that case becomes a top priority for them to investigate.

OSHA will look into this matter, investigate and find out what could have caused this accident and check if there was any violation to OSHA's rule that might have caused this accident. The JBS Plant had been visited by OSHA in January 2008 where almost 30% of its employees were sent to hospital.

In January 2008 a drain valve on one of coolers inside JBS ruptured due to high pressure. As a result of which JBS was fined $3500 for 2 violations. In these case OSHA's investigation reveled out that the first violation was due to deviation of temperature and pressure operating limits.

The second violation was due to employers investigation report which followed ammonia leak in January 2008.

Recent visit to JBS was the seventh visit by OSHA since August 2004.The last 2 visits were due to accidents at the plant and one was due to complaint filed against it facility. The remaining 4 were planned inspections by OSHA. Due to type of industry they are in they are more likely to have routine inspections.

In short OSHA is very strict in there rules and regulations taking inot account the workers safety and health that as soon as any news of plant gas leakage occurs they reach there and investigate the case.

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