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OSHA | Whiting Turner Contracting Company join to enhance safety

Whiting Turner Contracting CompanyOSHA has formed a partnership with Whiting Turner Contracting Co to reduce hazards and enhance safety of workers during construction. Knowledge and training are 2 important things in evaluating, identifying and eliminating work related hazards. This partnership takes a practical approach to safety and health that will pay in reduced human costs and increase morale and productivity.

Under this partnership Whiting Turner will develop a specific safety plan to be administered by a qualified safety and health representative, establish specific safety and health guidelines, conduct a comprehensive job hazard analysis, and establish methods for reporting work site hazards.

Subcontractors will develop and maintain project-specific plans which will meet or exceed the Whiting-Turner plan; provide employees with safety orientation, and conduct weekly safety and health inspections.

OSHA in return will evaluate the safety and health plan; assist in ensuring the delivery of effective training; give feedback and input, as needed; and periodically attend site safety and health meetings.