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Cal/OSHA has been Ordered to Strengthen and Improve Workplace Safety

Cal/OSHA has been Ordered to Strengthen and Improve Workplace Safety
The Federal Labor Department, recently announced that it has found serious problems with Cal/OSHA, especially with the regulatory agency's appeal board. Overall, they have ordered Cal/OSHA to improve workplace safety.

On Tuesday, the United States, Labor Department in California, issued a critical report on the enforcement of workplace safety. It has ordered the state to fix this wide array of problems, which even includes, the poor training of safety inspectors and delays in responding to complaints.

These Federal officials, went on to say that, the inspectors of the state Division of Occupational Safety and Health, did not always review the company's history statewide, before deciding whether to cite it for repeat violations. They even found out that the division's appeals process "falls short."

The deputy assistant secretary of Labor, Jordan Barab, has acknowledged the problems that were found with the California program. He even said that they were, "relatively serious, especially with the appeals board."

The Times, also highlighted the fact that the Cal/OSHA inspectors did not recognize the pattern that was present in the accidents of the Bimbo Bakeries USA case. Hence, many of the penalties levied by the Cal/OSHA inspectors, were reduced or dismissed on technicalities by the judges worked for the appeals board, thus the company wasn't required to fix the hazards, immediately.