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The Heartland Refinery fined $68,900 by OSHA

The Heartland Refinery fined $68,900 by OSHA
The United States, Department of Labor's, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), has penalized the Heartland Refinery in Columbus, Ohio, for allegedly committing one serious safety violation, that is failing to control the release of vapors and flammable liquids, that in turn resulted in the July 17, 2010, fire at the facility. Furthermore, the refinery has also been penalized for two repeat safety violations, that were not corrected. These penalties, have mounted up to a total sum of $68,900.

Deborah Zubaty, the OSHA Director of Columbus, said that,"Failing to follow proper procedures to prevent the unintentional release of flammable vapors and liquids in an area where a known ignition source exists creates a serious safety risk to workers, and as this case shows, a high risk of fire in the workplace," she further went on to say that,"There is no excuse for this type of complacency, and OSHA will do all it can to protect employees in the workplace."

The fire in question, had occurred when a fitting or flange, in the process area, had failed to contain flammable liquids, which in turn leaked to an ignition source. An OSHA serious safety violation usually carries a penalty of $4,900. A violation is considered as serious, when death can result from a hazard an employer was aware about.

As usual, the company has 15 business days to either comply with or contest the findings.