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OSHA Fines Gun Powder Manufacturer $1.2 million

OSHA Fines Gun Powder Manufacturer $1.2 million
Once again another company has had to face the wrath of OSHA. This time the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the United States issued a staggering 54 citations, with several proposed penalties that have mounted up to a total sum of $1.2 million. These penalties were a result of a deadly explosion that took place in May, at the Black Mag LLC, Colebrook site. At that time two workers were killed. Sadly, both were on the job for less than a month.

In total, the company has received 12 willful, 36 serious, four egregious willful and 2 other-than-serious violations. In accordance to OSHA, a plant supervisor and 2 workers were manufacturing a gun powder substitute, when the unfortunate explosion occurred. Furthermore, OSHA also stated that the company’s employer also failed to implement remote starting procedures to establish safe distancing shields and he also failed to isolate operating stations.

This powerful regulatory agency, issued Black Mag 4 egregious willful citations for primarily failing to train 4 employees involved in the manufacturing of gun powder substitute. Willful citations are only considered egregious when more than 1 employer is exposed to a single hazard.

Black Mag has only fifteen business days from receipt of the citations and proposed fines to either comply with or contest the findings, or meet with the independent OSH Review Commission.